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ATOMVET Morbidity Study

Since 1992 the National Association of Atomic Veterans has maintained a computer data base with the voluntary medical histories of the U.S. military veterans who participated in the atmospheric testing of Atomic and Nuclear weapons from 1945 through 1962 and those veterans who served in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during occupation of Japan following World War II.

More recently this morbidity study has been expanded to the second generation Atomic Veteran, ei, Weapons Handlers, Crewman of Nuclear powered vessels, Cloud Samplers, Broken Arrow personnel, etc.

The statistical data developed within this data base is being utilized to pinpoint specific areas where the exposure indicate that Atomic Veterans have an elevated rate of disease. Additionally, it is used by representatives of NAAV when appearing before Congress, in meetings with government and non-government agencies and/or their subcontractors, and when preparing information released to the press.

Without meaningful statistical data, relating the health hazards to which the Atomic Veterans have been exposed is mute and meaningless dialog.

Presently, the data base contains information from over 6,300 Atomic Veterans. The more complete this study becomes the clearer the magnitude of the problem becomes. Whether you have or do not have health problems, your fellow veterans need your piece of the puzzle to assist in the fight against injustice.

Atomic Veterans, their widows, or surviving children may assist iin this morbidity study by completing and mailing a copy of the "NAAV Medical History and Data Questionaire".

When the veteran is deceased, we request that a photocopy of the Death Certificate be included for the Data Base files.

Copies of the "NAAV Medical History and Data Questionaire" can be obtained by writing TO:

Custodian, NAAV Data Base
2310 Apollo Way
Mesquite, Texas 7510
FAX: (972) 682-5822

or by E-mail to:

(Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope, as funding for this study is presently provided by the Custodian.)


The morbidity study for Crossroads contains data received from 1,572 veterans of the 42,000 participating veterans. This represents a sample size of 3.74%. The average death age of the 380 veterans is 57 years. The incidence of all types of cancers in deceased Crossroads veterans is 59%.

The incidence of all types of cancers in the 1,572 reporting veterans is 35%.

The leading cancer types, ranging from 23% down to 6%, are skin, prostrate, lymphoma, lung, urinary, colon, and esophagus.

These percentages are for the most part seen in data on Ranger, Greenhouse, Buster-Jangle, Trinity, Tumbler-Snapper, Upshot-Knothole, Castle and Redwing. Information from veterans from other tests is needed before an analysis can be performed.

Further study and data is needed to isolate target areas, ie, tests, units, ships.

No amount of ionizing radiation is safe!
John Gofman, Ph.D., MD., Poisoned Power, 1971

The mission of the National Association of Atomic Veterans (NAAV) is to assist these veterans in obtaining government recognition and Department of Affairs health and financial assistance.

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